Kevin Daly’s Chicken and Waffles…


A few months ago while shooting a video for JFA’s song skateboard anarchy
Jean Rusen and i discussed the shooting of a video for “Kevin Daly’s chicken and waffles”, a band she sings in. Jean being a good friend of mine i of coarse said yes, and started rolling over the logistics of such endeavor in the back of my head.

As the planets have yet to line up in a neat row, and the song to be interpreted in video form is still in the loving hands of the audio engineers, the only thing for me to do on this project so far is to go and see a live show, catch some live clips of the band preforming said song in the wild, so when the time comes, i have lots of pick-up shots to choose from.

IMG_8360and get hugs, lots of hugs

As some of you know, my life is a dimension of pure chaos these days. Family life, work life, projects personal, and professional, have me feeling like Sybil on two hits of blotter most of the time. If i did’t put it on my calender a month ago, have my wife, Hippie Steve, or Rob Locker, reminding me, I’m probably not going to make it.
Saturday was no different. Had to wake up early and Take the wife and kid to the airport, fortunately on the drive to Sky Harbor my lovely wife said “are you still planning to go to Jeans show tonight?”

Upon returning home i jumped into action (ok, i started texting Jean while guzzling coffee)

IMG_8481hot rock and roll chicks on speed dial YO!

Shooting in the wild is pure stress, endless unknown factors to plan for. Bad lighting, the crowd, cramped, or non-existent shooting vantages are all obstacles you can count on. But the first one you need to address is “will the venue let me film?”. Show up to a bar with a couple of grand worth of gear, without the bar owner, or manager knowing your coming, will lead to the least productive night of filming you have ever had, very few people want to see a video of the outside of a bar.

IMG_8442most people prefer this to a flashing neon sign that says open

I highly suggest that you get all of this worked out days, if not weeks before a show, but as usual i didn’t, which is the reason Jean was getting texts 8 hours before the show much like this-
me- “do you think anyone would mind if i came down and did a little shooting tonight?”
Jean- “absolutely not! Well none of us anyway. Lenny’s buddy owns the place so he might know if the bar would have an issue”

That is whats known as “getting lucky”, one of your best friends, is friends with the bar owner.

IMG_8463how lucky? this lucky

A text to Lenny got me hooked up with the owner of The Lost Leaf, a great little bar down town

this lead to Lenny and i making plans to go together. best decision i have made in a long, long while.
Lenny hooked it up, i drove down, he paid for the taxi home, and took me back down in the morning to retrieve my car, not only that he talked to the bar owner, getting me permission to shoot from the loft. big, big thanks Lenny!

IMG_8404Lenny is the reason this is a picture of the band, and not the back of some dudes head

The band, time to talk about the band. Before Saturday I had heard one song, the song i was at the show to get some live shots of. The one song I had heard fucking rips, but as we all know, one song does not a set make. Well I am very pleased to say that after seeing a complete set from Kevin Daly’s Chicken and Waffles, I am hooked. They ROCKED! Driving Rock and Roll the way it was meant to be played. Every song made me want to stomp my feet and sing along.

IMG_8499good rock and roll looks allot like this

IMG_8501and this

So i shot more video than just the one song i was there to shoot, but the one down side to the kick ass shooting location i was in, was that one of the monitors was directly beneath my mic, blowing the hell out of the sound. this wont matter for what i was really there to shoot, we wont be using the audio, but it really sucks for being able to show you a couple of the bands other songs i shot that night. i cleaned it up as best i could, but its fucked. if you watch the video, i suggest you turn it down, and use the power of imagination to picture it sounding really kick ass…

Big thanks to Kevin Daly’s Chicken and Waffles, The Lost Leaf, and Lenny Rogers for a great night.

about last night…

Michael Rettinger shows up to Lennyland every Tuesday with a tallboy and a smile, and just kills it.

IMG_8345Michael Rettinger ollie to fakey

you will never see Hippie Steve do a trick half-assed. its going to be proper, or he will die trying.


Nick Braden learned something new last night, he learned not to heckle the guy with a radio trigger

IMG_8355more Mike with a melon to fakey

Most skaters I know think of skateboarding as therapy…

… but for some, skateboarding therapy does not mean ‘blowing off some steam’.

To be perfectly frank, i know very little about autism. What i know comes from what i have personally seen of kids with autism, and what their families are going through dealing with it, and what i have seen, looking in from the outside, has been pretty heart-wrenching.

Well this is not that.
This is a story about progress, about using something we all love to help some kids, and to help their family’s.
Help them to cope, to grow, to learn, and to have fun with this useless wooden toy of ours.

so watch the video, listen to the story, look at the smiling faces on the kids, and the family’s of the kids.
After you watch do one better, get involved. Go to and learn more about this great foundation, volunteer, donate if you can, i promise you will be glad you did.

disclaimer- my mic was doing a slow death nose dive throughout the day, and due to me coming down with the flu that day i didn’t wear my sound monitors (didn’t know it was happening), so the sound gets a little rough at times. this is 100% my fault for not wearing headphones, and i sincerely apologize to my viewership, and the good people at the A.skate Foundation.

SideWalk Surfers Valley Wide Limo Ride

Tim from Sidewalk Surfer hit a few of us up a couple of months ago with a plan to take us on a skatepark tour around the valley.
i said yes right off the bat, and was glad i did.
instead of the classic white van every skate trip is done in these days, Tim borrowed a murdered out 1985 caddy limo…

huge thanks to Sidewalk Surfer for such a great time!

A Tale of Two Skateboard Companies

Well, not really a tale of two skateboard companies but what I think is what should be going on in the skate industry. I’ve been running AZPX Skateboards for almost 13 years and Cockfight Skateboards out of Texas has been making happen almost as long. Money Mike Niemann has been holding it down the same …